September/October 2015 Client Highlights

A lot of busyness the last couple months but here we are with the client highlights for September and October.

Good work, crew!

10505555_1131929853503772_833104248299811844_nJoy broke an astounding 5 records in her 30 minute workout today! Including 35% improvements in her max burpees and max pushups, and big increases in her max plank hold and squats!  Way to push yourself today Joy!


Rosie gets some ab strengthening in while her son helps out!12108948_1147569778606446_6816288270922749288_n



Way to go Ryan, that’s 225lbs he’s deadlifting for 10 reps! Ryan started with a 135lb deadlift max 13 weeks ago in July.  His goal is to pack on lean weight and overall strength, I’d say a 90lb increase in his deadlift is a great start!



Dermot has broken through his long-standing bench press barrier, setting a new record with more weight and reps! Awesome!



After about 8 months at this location, Limitless is now officially settled in.  The location is no longer a secret for a select few!


Great stuff! November is already looking good so check back next month for the inside scoop!

August 2015 Client Highlights

Here are the highlights for August, Boom!


#‎limitlesscrew‬ vet Greg is continuing his weight loss journey with now over 25lbs lost in the last 8 weeks!
He’s also now at a lean 12% bodyfat, incredible work!

11898573_1119417298088361_6572002464260801244_nDebbie and Tricia, a ‪#‎limitlesscrew‬ power pair, just chopped over a full minute off of their duo cardio circuit in less than two months! I’m super proud of their consistent effort here each week and it’s definitely paying off!

11951761_1123368097693281_5113168552519035498_nQuick lunch break/sweat break workout for local company Pacific Eagle Electric today! What a way to break up the workday and get fitter, happier employees in the process!

I can’t wait to see what September brings, keep it up #limitlesscrew!

July 2015 Client Highlights

What a great month for Limitless and the Limitless crew!  Here are some of the highlights:

Allie achieved a new record on her gut-busting core circuit.  Breaking her record from 3 weeks ago by an entire 4 minutes!
On a side note, Allie also achieved her longtime goal of completing an unassisted chin up! Way to go!

It was a family affair at Limitless, with a 3 1/2 pack of clients.  Great work to the Hardens!




New member of the ‪Limitless crew, Veronica, increased her max burpees in 1min by 20% in 3 weeks!  Look for more big improvements from Veronica in the near future with her continuing hard work!

In 6 months, ‪limitless crew member Allie has gone from being able to complete a respectable 23 full pushups in one minute to now hammering out nearly TWICE that amount (42) in the same minute WITH her feet raised 2ft above the floor!

Great performances this month but I have a feeling that August will be bring even more awesomeness!

June 2015 Client Highlights

Lots of progress was made by the Limitless Crew this month!  Check out some highlights:


11393200_1075499499146808_1979823713085169350_nRyan brought his son, Camden, with him for a fun father/son conditioning session to start off his summer vacation!


11401001_1076085099088248_6659107293880536706_nAfter three full weeks of training here, John increased his max deadlift to 225lbs x 10reps (up 60lbs) and increased his dumbbell standing press to 50lbers x 10reps (up 15 lbs each arm).



Longtime client Josh increased his 210479542_1080345965328828_8439935223918212528_n rep max on bench press by 40lbs since this February!



1511289_1081988215164603_2299165692663489210_nBryan more than tripled the amount of push ups he could do in less than 6 weeks!



Greg lost over 10 lbs this month!  11225747_1086805761349515_5200026046291439130_nBy making a few changes to his diet to compliment his intense circuit training, he is way closer to his goals!


Keep up the great work Limitless Crew, next month we’ll see what the females at Limitless can do!

New Year, New Location!

At last the chaos of constructing, deconstructing and moving has slowed down enough for me to let the rest of the world know that Limitless has changed locations!  So if we’ve been out of contact for a while and you’ve driven by the old location horrified that Limitless looked to be no more, don’t worry!  We aren’t going anywhere!  (Well, except for our new location)

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.25.57 PM

No longer at the north end of Petaluma, we are now right in the heart of it.  Across from whole foods on East Washington street is our new spot.  Street and building signs will be up very soon and I am very excited at the opportunities that this new location will bring with it.

So if you haven’t checked out the new spot yet, come on by and say hi!

Client Of The Month: March

March 2015
Nestor, Steve, and Shawn

Finally, Client of the Month is back and we’re making up for lost time with a solid three-pack to start off 2015!20150225_190316

These three guys have been coming to Limitless regularly two times a week since last year. Originally as a four pack (CJ is an honorable mention for client of the month this month), Nestor, Steve, and Shawn are good friends and roommates who decided to come by a couple times a week after work to up the intensity in their fitness routines and to help out with the sports they play like soccer and basketball.

The workout sessions are quick, 30 minute sessions filled with strength-training and athleticism-building circuits aimed to collapse them on the floor in a puddle of sweat by the end. Without a doubt it is working because every single time they revisit a circuit they’ve done before, they don’t just break their previous record, they shave whole minutes off their times! (What else would you expect with a crew who says that ultimate burpees and battleropes are their favorite exercises!)
Needless to say, I need to constantly create tougher and tougher workouts and exercises to keep up since there appears to be no slowing down in sight for them.

Who knows, If they keep this up we may have our first 2x COTMs by the end of the year!

Welcome 2015!

new-years-confettiHappy end of 2014 everyone, and what a year it was.

Most definitely this second year of business for Limitless has been a year of growth for me, both personally and professionally. The amount that I have been forced to learn and adapt to as a fitness trainer and especially as a business owner and entrepreneur has been great but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love it because as I look back, it is apparent just how far I’ve come. It excites me imagining where I will be and what I will feel like next year when I look back on 2015.

Limitless has matured substantially since 2013. It has developed from a dream, to a passion project, to now, a real business. Like I am all grown up or something. I have met numerous new people through Limitless this last year and I am eternally thankful for the clients who are still going strong since 2013 (each of which have achieved Client of The Month recognition I believe).

new-years-resolutionsTo everyone thinking about New Years resolutions, I invite you to resolve to invest in yourself in 2015. Not necessarily with money, but investing with time. It can be easy to get caught up in life and neglect you’re own health and well being. So pick up a book and start building a regular habit of reading. Get off that chair, pump out some pushups and squats once or twice a day. Change is always difficult and/or painful at first but the good news about building new habits is that the more you do them, the easier it is to keep them up!

Thank you for your support and I hope your 2015 is full of growth and prosperity!