Client Of The Month: May

May 2014
Samantha Smith

IMAG0414-1-1Does she even lift?… Yes, she does bro.
Sam has been lifting a lot the last few months and the hard work has been paying off. She has been really fun to work with because her goals give a nice little change of pace compared to a lot of clients, especially females. Sam is all about strength.

I always look forward to Sam’s training sessions because she has made a habit of not just breaking her previous records, but smashing records every single workout. One of her main goals was to be able to squat and deadlift her own bodyweight, which she accomplished within the first 10 sessions. Her maximum squat started at a respectable 140lbs for 1 rep and has since shot up to 165lbs for 3! The other big lifts have had similar improvements. Sam is also no more than a week away from accomplishing her other goal of doing a full, unassisted pullup. While getting to the point of being able to lift more than many of the male clients, Sam’s bodyfat % has also been steadily dropping (averaging about 1% drop every 5 sessions).

When she’s not squatting her friends or impressing guys at the gym, Sam plays an active role at Sonoma State as a student, researcher, and mentor. So congratulations to Sam not only for being the May “Client of the Month”, but also for graduating with her bachelor’s degree from SSU this Spring.  A big month indeed!
Up next: Grad School at UC Davis!

“I’ve always been a strong person but I knew that I could be stronger if I trained. So for christmas the only thing on my list was to be trained at Limitless with Brett. Over the last two months, with two sessions a week, I have broken nearly every personal record we’ve set. For example, I can now squat more than my body weight and I feel more confident than ever! I am looking forward to keeping up the intensity and hard work that Brett has taught me to achieve all of my goals I have for my strength and shape.”


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