Client Of The Month: June

June 2014IMAG0430-1
Amy, Jamie, and Cheri

The first trio clients of the month are here and these women earned it big time! This Sister-in-law, mother, daughter combination has dedicated themselves 2-3 times a week since January and they have really begun unlocking their inner athletes.

These three ladies were referred to Limitless by Jena, the Feb COTM, after hearing about the great success she has had. They were a little apprehensive and weren’t sure what to expect at first. They decided to go for it and their results speak for themselves, especially with their improvements in core strength and general athleticism. The most impressive stat for this crew is their maximum front plank hold time. On their very first session, a base level of core strength was assessed. Amy, Jamie, and Cheri were able to hold the plank position for 41, 53, and 33 seconds, respectively. In under 5 months, Cheri has increased her hold time to 2 minutes and 18 seconds, Jamie to 2 minutes and 36 seconds, and Amy to a whopping 3 minutes and 18 seconds!

This is not just a testament to the strength and shape these women have achieved but also to the mental fortitude and ability to push themselves that they have developed on the way. This is what I am most proud of because the ability to persevere is something that will translate across all areas of their lives.

Whether it’s listening to family drama or having them beg to not have to do burpees that day, these ladies are always entertaining to work with. (They have since realized that burpees are not nearly as difficult as they once thought.) I look forward to the future and to what they will achieve next.

Congratulations to Jamie (and her proud mom) on graduating high school this Spring and moving on to Chico State. Also, congrats to Cheri on celebrating her birthday this week. 50 years young!


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