Client Of The Month: September

September 2014
Shailee M.

Our September Client of the Month is 2014-09-04 20.40.20one of the most disciplined and focused clients of the whole gym. It’s no surprise that she is also the longtime female client record-holder for the max front plank with an amazing time of 7 minutes and 10 seconds! Not only does that make her the first place female in the plank but she’s behind only one male client (Who is now in her crosshairs, Dermot beware!).

Shailee is very self motivated and does the majority of her exercise at home but enjoys coming to Limitless SCF for most of her strength and core work. As a regular, one day a week client, Shailee has accomplished a lot since joining in June of 2013. Besides the aforementioned plank domination (almost 4x improvement from when she started!), she has also nearly doubled the amount of knee pushups she can do in 60 seconds from 26 to 43. Her legs have gotten considerably stronger as well going from 33 squats in 60 seconds to 47 at a much lower depth!

I really enjoy training Shailee because I feel like I can really throw anything at her and she powers through it and then is immediately looking for the next challenge. The fact that she’s constantly looking to be pushed actually pushes me to be the best trainer I can be and because of that I am grateful for her as a client.

When she’s not breaking records at Limitless, Shailee is a pediatric dentist who enjoys long hikes and yoga. I have a strong feeling her current records will be outdated yet again by next month but I am excited to see how far she can go. Shailee seems to truly be limitless!

“I have been training with Brett at Limitless for over a year now .  Brett has a very unique way of challenging and motivating me to go the extra mile during my one on one workouts with him each week.  I like a good challenge and Brett never fails to deliver.  He always has a positive attitude and the workouts are energetic and fun.  They push me just enough to where I feel challenged, but not discouraged.   After my session with Brett, I feel I could climb Mount Everest, at least in my mind.   My favorite quote is, ‘True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united’      -Wilhelm Von Humboldt
PS: After a good workout, I feel invincible, like superman, but without the cape :)”

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