Client Of The Month: October

Oct 2014
Dermot B.2014-10-03 11.10.49(1)

It has been a long time coming for October’s Client of the Month, Dermot is one of the first clients to join Limitless back in mid 2013. He is also the other half of the Shailee-Dermot plank power-couple! (See the previous COTM). The two of them have been consistently coming in each week for well over a year and their dedication is paying off.

Dermot has an impressive list of accomplishments here at Limitless SCF including doubling the amount of times he can bench press 115lbs well into the double digits, 20% increase in pushups completed in one minute (to almost one per second!), and increasing the number and depth of squats completed in one minute. The accomplishment Dermot is most known for around the gym, however, is the max front plank. He has held the overall client record for front plank for nearly a full year now, bringing the record to a seemly unreachable 8 minutes, 2 seconds! His perseverance in setting and keeping this record has no doubt inspired many clients and opened their eyes up to what is possible.

Besides being a client, Dermot is also a good friend and mentor of mine. I learn at least as much from him in our sessions as he does from me. He is a huge support for me and I consider myself lucky to be able to see him every week.

When he’s not getting big bicep pumps and breaking plank records at Limitless SCF, Dermot works as a radio host and a highly recommended life coach as The Celtic Coach!

Here’s to smashing more records and working our way towards conquering that elusive 10 minute front plank!

“Brett has a vast knowledge of how the body works and how everything is connected. I know this because I love to learn new things, so I quiz him often.  I would highly recommend Brett to anyone and everyone. He is a terrific fitness trainer and a truly wonderful person inside and out.”

-Dermot B.

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