Client Of The Month: March

March 2015
Nestor, Steve, and Shawn

Finally, Client of the Month is back and we’re making up for lost time with a solid three-pack to start off 2015!20150225_190316

These three guys have been coming to Limitless regularly two times a week since last year. Originally as a four pack (CJ is an honorable mention for client of the month this month), Nestor, Steve, and Shawn are good friends and roommates who decided to come by a couple times a week after work to up the intensity in their fitness routines and to help out with the sports they play like soccer and basketball.

The workout sessions are quick, 30 minute sessions filled with strength-training and athleticism-building circuits aimed to collapse them on the floor in a puddle of sweat by the end. Without a doubt it is working because every single time they revisit a circuit they’ve done before, they don’t just break their previous record, they shave whole minutes off their times! (What else would you expect with a crew who says that ultimate burpees and battleropes are their favorite exercises!)
Needless to say, I need to constantly create tougher and tougher workouts and exercises to keep up since there appears to be no slowing down in sight for them.

Who knows, If they keep this up we may have our first 2x COTMs by the end of the year!

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