Jiu-jitsu Private Lessons Available

Though I’ve been teaching private lessons in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for close to a decade now and for a couple years right here on site at Limitless, I might as well make the availability public in case you didn’t know!

The sport and self-defense art of jiu-jitsu has been another big passion of mine for a long time now, as a black belt for several years. I also love teaching and helping people so it’s a natural progression to get more into private lessons (I also have been consistently teaching classes to all levels at Esteem BJJ in Petaluma for over a decade now). Whether you’re completely new to the art or have been training several years I would love to help you deepen your understanding and build upon your skillset. Plenty of experience in gi, nogi, and self defense tactics and techniques!

Limitless is equipped with a small mat space( around 8’x12′) perfect for one on one instruction or, even better in my opinion, coming in with a friend as a duo to maximize your learning perspective.

Feel free to contact Limitless with any questions!

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