About Limitless SCF

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What is it?
Limitless: Specialized Core Fitness is a private personal training studio in Petaluma, California.  This is a place where clients receive customized professional training at an honest price.  At most commercial gyms, trainers have maybe 2-3 cookie cutter workout routines which they use for all clients that they see.  This is a big reason why personal trainers often have a bad reputation of being meatheads.  It is very important that clients get a trainer that truly has their best interest in mind.  That is what Limitless SCF is here for.  To Brett Bryon, having a client reach goals that lead them towards a happier and healthier life is one of the best feelings in the world.

Is it only core strengthening?
Core strength is an integral part of the training philosophy here at Limitless SCF and therefore will have a strong focus in the routines.  However, having a rock solid core wouldn’t be worth much if your upper and lower body were not up to par.  You can expect to be led through a well rounded full body workout routine specifically designed for your ability level and goals.

Limitless SCF Offers Training for Males and Females of All Ages and Abilities Including:

  • Competitive athletes looking to improve performance!
  • Average clients looking to lose weight or gain muscle!
  • Experienced trainees looking to break through a plateau!
  • Complete beginners looking to develop a healthy fitness routine!
  • Anyone interested in improving posture, functional strength, and injury prevention!

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