Client Of The Month: December

December 2013
Greg Bernardi
Starting up in April 2013, Greg Bernardi was one of the very first clients here at Limitless and has been going strong training about 3 times a week ever since.  He has put in more time than any other Limitless client and holds several client records to show for it.  This is why he is the obvious choice for this month’s “Client of the Month”.

I can confidently say that the workouts Greg pushes himself through week after week are the toughest of all my regular Limitless clients and are consequently some of the most fun workouts for me to design.  This weekly grind he puts himself through has brought a lot of value to his life, including dropping his bodyfat by nearly 10% and adding well over 100lbs to his max squat lift.  Out of all the client records Greg holds, his front plank record of over 6 and a half minutes straight is one of his most impressive with his original max just over one minute.  Now that’s some core strength!

I’m truly grateful that Greg made the decision several months ago to walk into the studio.  Not only do I get to enjoy training a friend and help them reach their goals, but Greg has also been a great referral source for me recruiting family members to become clients too!

Congratulations to Greg Bernardi not only for being the December “Client of the Month”, but also for recently graduating from the police academy and moving on to the next chapter in his life.  It’s off to San Francisco for him now where I’m sure he will find even more success.  I only hope he keeps up a solid exercise routine so he continues to build on his fitness accomplishments!

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