September/October 2015 Client Highlights

A lot of busyness the last couple months but here we are with the client highlights for September and October.

Good work, crew!

10505555_1131929853503772_833104248299811844_nJoy broke an astounding 5 records in her 30 minute workout today! Including 35% improvements in her max burpees and max pushups, and big increases in her max plank hold and squats!  Way to push yourself today Joy!


Rosie gets some ab strengthening in while her son helps out!12108948_1147569778606446_6816288270922749288_n



Way to go Ryan, that’s 225lbs he’s deadlifting for 10 reps! Ryan started with a 135lb deadlift max 13 weeks ago in July.  His goal is to pack on lean weight and overall strength, I’d say a 90lb increase in his deadlift is a great start!



Dermot has broken through his long-standing bench press barrier, setting a new record with more weight and reps! Awesome!



After about 8 months at this location, Limitless is now officially settled in.  The location is no longer a secret for a select few!


Great stuff! November is already looking good so check back next month for the inside scoop!

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